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LED Light Therapy Mask (Plug-In or Rechargeable)
LED Light Therapy Mask (Plug-In or Rechargeable)
LED Light Therapy Mask (Plug-In or Rechargeable)
LED Light Therapy Mask (Plug-In or Rechargeable)
LED Light Therapy Mask (Plug-In or Rechargeable)

LED Light Therapy Mask (Plug-In or Rechargeable)

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LED Lights help to optimize your favorite serums, moisturizers, and toners. By stimulating blood flow in the treatment area, the mask helps to rejuvenate dull/tired skin exposed to environmental factors. Not limited to just one setting, the Light Shield allows the wearer to enjoy RED, BLUE, and AMBER LED therapies.

Light Settings for Specific Areas of Concern: (30-60 mins each)

  • Red Light:For Inflammation/Redness
  • Blue Light:For Acne/Breakout 
  • Amber Light:For Age Spots/Melasma/Dark Spots 
1. BLUE LIGHT THERAPY (Wavelength between 476 to 495nm)

Used for its anti-bacterial benefits and therefore used in acne treatment. This specific wavelength stimulates the production of oxygen radicals that kill P. Acnes bacteria (the acne-causing bacteria), without damaging the skin. 
2. RED LIGHT THERAPY (Wavelength of between 620 to 750nm)

Used to flush waste from the skin, boost lymphatic flow and increase cellular growth, aiding in cell-turnover, or production of new skin cells.

3. AMBER LIGHT THERAPY (Wavelength between 590 to 620nm)

Used for its anti-aging benefits because of its ability to stimulate collagen and elastic production. Also believed to reduce cytokines, which cause inflammation. 


  1. Cleanse skin and apply your favorite skincare serums, moisturizers, and toners
  2. Place the shield comfortably over your face
  3. Press the power button located on the left side of the device to start your LED therapy session 
  4. To change your light source, press the power button to select between Red, Blue, or Amber depending on desired treatment therapy
  5. To power down press and hold the power button until the light has turned off (about 2-3 seconds)
  6. Wipe off the mask with a gentle cloth or cleansing wipe after each use and store in a cool, dry place

* For therapeutic treatment, each light setting can be used for a recommended 10 minutes daily.  


This White Rice Serum contains natural ingredients that promotes cell growth, minimizes pores significantly and keeps the skin smooth and bright. Its natural ingredients include white rice germ essence from natural gluten-free white rice, which has been known to heal acne and reduce inflammation and redness, help nourish, hydrate and replenish skin.

How To Use:

  • Wash your face and tone
  • Squeeze 1 to 2 drops of white rice serum in your palm and rub palms or use a cotton
  • Gently apply it to your face with palm or cotton in circular motion until it absorbs into your skin.
  • Use twice a day (morning and night) to get the best result.
  • Start seeing major difference in skin clarity after 2 weeks of use.